Phoenix Techforce can protect your home or place of business with a state-of-the-art burglar alarm system. With rising home burglaries and crimes against people and property, an intrusion alarm system is one of the best ways to protect your property. While today’s burglary statistics show an overall decrease in burglary rates, thousands of homes (roughly 325,000) are still being broken into every year – often in plain view, during the day. In fact, property crimes in 2015 resulted in losses estimated at $14.3 billion. Our systems are installed fast, are very simple to use and provide access and control from remote locations including from your smart phone. The best part is that we do not lock you into a contract as is almost customary with all other alarm companies. Our services are month to month, and you can cancel at any time. Perimeter intrusion detection systems are an additional layer of security for your business and we can provide you with design and installation of advanced systems to protect your property. Whether you are a construction company or have any other need to protect your outdoor property we can help. Contact Phoenix Techforce, LLC today for any of your alarm and intrusion needs for your home or business.

Phoenix Techforce LLC has expanded our service area through our separate division AZ Network Cabling and we provide design and installation services in the entire state of Arizona. To learn more about our alarm intrusion and perimeter security installation services you can visit our AZ Network Cabling Alarm & Perimeter Security Solutions website. Phoenix Techforce and AZ Network Cabling is an partner offering powerful and innovative security solutions for your business or home.

Commercial Alarm Systems & Perimeter Security

Phoenix Techforce, LLC can protect your place of business with a state-of-the-art intrusion system. Todays alarm system have multiple communication pathways, including internet, cellular and analog phone line in order to communicate with the central station and give you a piece of mind knowing that no matter what your alarm will not fail you.
We can install many different alarm sensors including door/window, motion, glass break, fire/smoke, perimeter security sensors, outdoor motion sensors, etc.
An intrusion alarm allows you to monitor your property when you are not there keeping your property, products and other assets safe. Coupled with our video security systems we can provide you a total security solution. Contact Phoenix Techforce today for a free consultation.

What is Perimeter Intrusion Detection?

It is the first line of defense against intrusions as it can sound a warning or illuminate intruders as soon as they step onto your property and you or your security team will be notified even before an intruder has broken into your building. This is achieved through special sensors including gate sensors, fence sensors, photoelectric beam, outdoor motion sensors, and many others. Phoenix Techforce uses only the best equipment with proven reliability. Let our experts design a perimeter intrusion detection system for your property.