Phoenix Techforce LLC specializes in custom video surveillance systems for commercial and residential properties. We offer cloud-based security camera solutions as well as conventional on-premises systems that record and retain video locally. We offer a wide range of video security solutions that are custom tailored for any type of business or residential property. The type of camera that we use really depends on what our customers’ specific needs are. We can build any type of system, for any type of location, and customize it so that you are fully satisfied and protected.

Phoenix Techforce LLC has expanded our service area through our separate division AZ Network Cabling and we provide design and installation services in the entire state of Arizona. To learn more about our video surveillance and installation services you can visit our AZ Network Cabling video surveillance page.

We provide service, security and surveillance systems for large to small facilities for government, business, and private properties.
We specialize in Alibi Security, LTS, Hikvision, GeoVision, Axis and Mobotix video surveillance products to offer you the best of breed video security solutions.

HD IP Cameras

Our HD IP cameras come in various resolutions starting with 2MP for a full HD video all the way up to 4k resolution. Certain cameras such as fisheye provide a 180- or 360-degree view depending on whether they are wall or ceiling mounted have resolutions that are even higher. Many cameras come with advanced features to assist in difficult lighting conditions which can make or break a usable video. There are hundreds of different options and one can easily get confused and pay for something they don’t need or even get something that does not fulfil their needs. Let our experts help you choose the right solution for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Total Security Control

When you call Phoenix Techforce, LLC to install video surveillance equipment at your Arizona home or business, we can help you complete your security picture. Even with the best access control systems, there are instances in which only video surveillance gives you the total control you may need by letting you view what is happening or has happened in the past at a specific site. Remote video surveillance not only lets you keep a sharp eye on a specific location, but will enable correctly gathered images to be used by law enforcement officials or in courts of law.

What video security system do I need?

Let our skilled video surveillance technicians help you determine the right solution for your needs. In order to discover which video surveillance cameras and equipment will meet your requirements, we will be asking you questions like these:

  • What is the area to view?
  • Will you be recording the images?
  • If so, for how long?
  • What is the distance from the camera to the most important items to view?
  • What are the lighting conditions both day and night?
  • How fast is the motion to be recorded?
  • Do you want obvious or covert camera placement?
  • How many sites will need to be recorded?

Your answers to these important questions will enable us to create the ideal video surveillance system for your business or home.
Phoenix Techforce, LLC installs video surveillance security cameras for any type of business or residence

Since 2008, our mission has been to help businesses and residents in the Phoenix area to secure their commercial and residential properties by utilizing the very best in security equipment. We work to help you prevent incidents, establish control, and provide accountability, and there are situations in which only top-notch video surveillance systems will fulfill your security needs.

We sell and install an excellent variety of video surveillance equipment, from very simple low-resolution nanny cams to high-definition video surveillance cameras with the potential to produce enlargements suitable for use in court trials. Security cameras can be a crime deterrent and will also greatly aid your enforcement efforts. When the basics of physical security and access control combined with alarm and perimeter security are in place, a video surveillance solution will magnify the effectiveness of your other security measures.