Our team of technology engineers are available to provide a you with a wide range of consulting and services supporting your organization. Phoenix Techforce, LLC provides the knowledge, skills, and resources needed for running a secure network system. Helping companies select, implement and manage the right technologies to grow their business. Allowing you to focus on your business while we make sure the behind the scene responsibilities are taken care of.

Managed Services

As part of our range of professional IT services, Phoenix Techforce, LLC is able to offer a complete IT department whenever you need it. Delivering comprehensive support enabling you to meet your IT infrastructure needs through the managed IT service, eliminating technology issues before they create a problem for you.

Computer Repair & Virus Removal

Phoenix Techforce, LLC offers repairs on your PCs, Servers and laptops. Repair and maintenance of these types of equipment is necessary and an integral part of owning a business. If your computer hardware is not maintained and/or repaired, damage could ensue, and business could be lost.

Our repair center can diagnose many problems and determine whether the problem has stemmed from the hardware of the machine or the software or a virus. After determining that information, we will perform the repairs necessary to extend the life of all your computers or servers. Phoenix Techforce, LLC uses step-by-step methodology to minimize system downtime. With our competent technicians, we can find and mend the current problem. Moreover, we can prevent future break downs of your computer. We will also work with you to optimize the efficiency of your computer as well as the usability by upgrading and creating a customized system.


We offer virtualization services utilizing advanced Hyper Visors such as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere. By virtualizing your servers, you can consolidate most of your servers into one physical machine and thereby reduce the footprint and associated electricity and cooling costs as well as noise levels. Virtualized server or Desktops also called VDI are much easier to backup which provides an additional benefit. With a proper setup down-times could become a thing of the past. Phoenix Techforce has the expertise to handle your next virtualization project. Contact us today.

Server Support

Let us configure your new or existing server for any of your needs. Whether you are just creating a new Active Directory domain or have an existing domain that needs to be managed we can help. We can configure and maintain any type of server be it physical or virtual. Whether you are hosting your own Exchange, SQL or any other database we have the necessary skills to guide you along the way. We will ensure that all your critical data is backed up and if you do not have an existing backup system in place we will recommend the solution that will work best for your needs. Nothing less! Nothing More! Call Phoenix Techforce, LLC today and let us be your IT Department.